Selection, Problems, Customized Options

Here are some tips on how to choose the right supplies

Consult your specialist or family doctor first, for information and recommendations.
Every person is different and what someone else uses might not be what you need.
Experiment, there are plenty of choices within your budget.
RESEARCH. Go online and check out manufacturer's websites for more information and request samples. 
Here is a video link to mini-guides for ostomy supplies and website


    How to handle problems with your pouching system

    Problem: Defective product - e.g pinhole, tears in material, broken clips, damaged wafers/flanges.
    Solution: Contact the seller and request a refund. Pay special attention to the refund policy of your store/online store they may vary.

      Problem: Product Incompatibility - e.g., You may purchase a product that may bring an allergic reaction to the tape or materials of a wafer and or pouch. Some wafer products may not stick for you etc.
      Solution: Contact your specialist or family doctor to help identify the problem. They may be able to suggest a better product or system that suits your needs. Contact the place of purchase for their policies on returns or exchanges. Some may do a refund and some may give credit. You can view our Refund/Return policy here:


        Custom Products

        In some cases, some individuals may need a custom product. Usually, a wafer is custom-fitted for their situation. There are also some options for mold-able wafers. You can find them on by searching Moldable. I hope this little introduction helps you ease into your new life with a stoma. For more information on our products please call:1-(866)-533-0772 or email:

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