Hollister 7805 Adapt Rings Review Posted on 16 May 09:59

A Video Review on Hollister item 7805 -


Ostomy - A guide to adhesives Posted on 28 Mar 13:24


Proper ostomy maintenance is key to a healthy stoma. Your Ostomy wafer and pouch use an adhesive like Hollister adhesive spray to stick to the area around your stoma. Having a secure seal around your stoma is important. Having your ostomy pouch and wafer remaining in place and fitting snug and secure can mean having the confidence that your wafer and pouch won't leak or become loose. This also means that your output from your stoma won't contact the surrounding skin and become irritated. Having your products working as they should meaning spending less on supplies.

Ostomy supplies Manufacturers like Hollister, Coloplast, and Convatec put in a lot of work to create an adhesive that best suits their Ostomy Systems.

Adhesive How-to's

  • The Most important step you can do when applying an adhesive is a skin check. Always perform a skin check!, New products can cause irritations because of skin reaction. Does your skin turn red?, burn, Itch? Most adhesives shouldn't bother you but it's always a smart decision to do a skin check before applying it to the full area.

  • The next step and almost equally important to securing your ostomy supplies is to clean the area around your stoma. Use a non-scented soap preferably without oils or moisturizers. These ingredients can work against the adhesives and prevent them from sticking. Rinse with fresh water.

  • Air dry the skin around your stoma. Using anything like a towel or tissue can leave behind pieces of tissue or lint and will prevent the adhesive from sticking with your ostomy supplies.

  • Now that the skin around your stoma is clean and dry you can then start to apply the adhesive. Using your liquid or spray adhesive, apply a thin smooth layer around the stoma and onto the skin that will come in contact with your ostomy supplies (wafer). Too much adhesive can cause irritation and makes drying times longer. Your adhesive coating should appear smooth without feeling clumpy or gummy. Any clumps should also be removed.

  • For the next few minutes allow your liquid adhesive to dry, Your skin will start to feel sticky. Next apply your ostomy wafer ex: Convatec Wafer If using a Two Piece ostomy system you would just remove the pouch leaving the wafer attached to drain your pouch or throw away if you are changing ostomy pouches. Never glue your pouch or ostomy system to your body, Only use adhesive with a wafer.

World Ostomy Day, Oct 3rd 2015 Posted on 1 Oct 11:25



World Ostomy Day Oct 3rd 2015

There is an estimated 90,000 people Living with an ostomy in Canada alone.
Oct 3rd 2015 is world ostomy day, dedicated to raising awareness of people
living with an ostomy not only in Canada but around the world.

Here are a few things going on to help raise awareness not only for ostomy day, 
but for ostomates worldwide every day. The theme of this year is Many stories, One voice.

Ostomy Canada Society Announces The WOD challenge!

Coloplast Merit Award

We will update as soon as we find more. Lets Make this the biggest year to date!



Can I have Caffeine with an ostomy Posted on 26 Aug 09:48


Ever wonder if you can drink caffeine with an ostomy?

The quick answer is Yes! Caffeine can be consumed while you have an ostomy

but there are a few things to remember.

Caffeine is a mild diuretic. While it may increase the need to urinate, it may or may not

have a risk for dehydration. In the case of an ostomy it creates quicker and more liquid output so that can have an effect on dehydration. one should consume at least the recommended daily intake of water with or without drinking coffee.To be safe I would try and drink a little more.

Caffeine is also a stimulant for the brain, but it also helps jump start other things

in the body, mainly output. You will see an increase in output while you drink coffee but it

is usually more liquid than anything else. Coffee can aid with constipation relief also.

So don't go tired anymore Coffee is ok with drink!. And as always please consult your doctor before making any dietary changes with an ostomy.




Ostomy Ordering Basics Posted on 11 Jun 12:05


Here is a Short video clip done by The Front Butt , youtuber and blogger. In this video, she go through the basics in ordering an ostomy system. This includes: where to go, product numbers, stoma size, flange size and more!


Diet Tips For New Ostomates Posted on 11 May 10:18


Most ostomates can eat a normal diet, but there are certain foods can have different effects on your ostomy. Try and eat a variety of foods from each food group. Add new foods gradually to your diet to assess the tolerance points and effects the food may have. Eat at regular intervals skipping meals can increase the presence of watery stools and gas.

Here is a list of common problems and what foods to eat to circumvent them.

Odor Control

Eating these foods should help keep odor down

Orange juice
Cranberry juice
Tomato juice

    Gas Producing

    Avoiding these foods can decrease the production of gas

    Alcoholic bev
    Carbonated Bev
    Dairy Products
    Chewing Gum

      Odor Producing

      Avoiding these foods will help decrease

      Baked Beans
      Cod liver oil
      Peanut butter
      Strong Cheese

        Constipation Relief

        Eating These foods will help relieve Constipation

        Coffee warm/hot
        Cooked fruits
        Cooked Vegetables
        Fresh Fruit
        Fruit Juices


          Choosing The Right Supplies Posted on 10 Apr 11:43

          Selection, Problems, Customized Options

          Here are some tips on how to choose the right supplies

          Consult your specialist or family doctor first, for information and recommendations.
          Every person is different and what someone else uses might not be what you need.
          Experiment, there are plenty of choices within your budget.
          RESEARCH. Go online and check out manufacturer's websites for more information and request samples. 
          Here is a video link to mini-guides for ostomy supplies and website


            How to handle problems with your pouching system

            Problem: Defective product - e.g pinhole, tears in material, broken clips, damaged wafers/flanges.
            Solution: Contact the seller and request a refund. Pay special attention to the refund policy of your store/online store they may vary.

              Problem: Product Incompatibility - e.g., You may purchase a product that may bring an allergic reaction to the tape or materials of a wafer and or pouch. Some wafer products may not stick for you etc.
              Solution: Contact your specialist or family doctor to help identify the problem. They may be able to suggest a better product or system that suits your needs. Contact the place of purchase for their policies on returns or exchanges. Some may do a refund and some may give credit. You can view our Refund/Return policy here:


                Custom Products

                In some cases, some individuals may need a custom product. Usually, a wafer is custom-fitted for their situation. There are also some options for mold-able wafers. You can find them on by searching Moldable. I hope this little introduction helps you ease into your new life with a stoma. For more information on our products please call:1-(866)-533-0772 or email: