What size insulin syringe should I buy?

Having to figure out which supplies you should buy can be frustrating.
Hopefully we can help you choose the right supplies you need to manage your insulin.

When it comes to insulin syringes they can come in several sizes. This guide will help
make these choices fast and easy.

Needle length - The needle sizes or barrel lengths can vary. The most common needle lengths are 12mm(1/2") and 8 mm also called "short" (5/16").
The 8mm (5/16") is the length that is preferable.

Needle Gauge- Gauge of the needle means the thickness or width. They range from 28 gauge to 31 gauge. A fine gauge would be the larger number (31 gauge) these 'fine' needles do well with smaller children. The larger needles would have a lower number gauge (28 gauge), older children and adults may preferred this gauge.

Barrel size - The barrel size will help you manage your insulin dosage. This example chart will help you determine what Barrel size you should choose.

Barrel Size Dosage
3/10 ml(CC) 30 units or less
1/2 ml(CC) 31 to 50 units
1 ml(CC) 51 to 100 units

If your dosage is higher than the maximum syringe capacity then choose the next barrel size up.

Technique - The preferred injection site is usually the abdomen although other sites can be used. A 10 count should be used while injecting straight in at a 90 degree angle. This will my a big difference with dosing and absorption. Very lean individuals and or people who use a barrel length may need to pinch the skin and inject in the fold to avoid injecting into the muscle.

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