World Diabetes Day Nov 14th 2016 Posted on 9 Nov 10:07

November 14th 2016 is the day the world celebrates World Diabetes Day! Here is a list of events going on in Canada on this date !

British Columbia





New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

Newfoundland and Labrador


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Keeping your blood glucose in check Posted on 16 Sep 10:55



Monitoring your blood glucose(blood sugar) is one of the most important things you can do for diabetes control.

Monitoring results and keeping a log will help keep track of your levels and keep a log.


There are online tools and apps also available to help keep track.

Should I check ?

Talking with your doctor about checking your blood glucose is very important. Some people that may need to check may or may not

be limited to:

Women who are pregnant

People who are taking insulin

People who have a hard time controlling blood sugar levels

People who have low blood sugar

People who have ketones from high blood sugar levels

How do I check?


All glucose meters are made slightly different, Always refer to you user manual

or health care provider for instructions.


These steps have been taken from OneTouch instruction manual.


Step 1


Insert the test strip into the meter. Keeping your finger extended and steady,

Move the meter and test strip forward for the blood drop.


Do no apply blood on the top of the test strip.


Do not hold the meter and test strip underneath the blood drop.


This may cause blood to run into the test port and damage the meter.


When applying a drop of blood from your forearm or palm, keep you palm or forearm stead and bring the top edge of the test strip to the drop of blood with your other hand.


Step 2


Line up the test strip with the blood drop so the narrow channel on the edge of the strip is almost touching the edge of the blood drop. Gently touch the channel to the edge of the blood drop.


Be careful not to push the test strip against your fingertip or the test strip may not fill completely.



Do not smear or scrape the drop of blood with the test strip.

Do not apply more blood to the test strip after you have moved the drop of blood away

Do not move the test strip in the meter during testing.


Step 3


Wait for the confirmation window to fill completely

The blood drop will be drawn into the narrow channel and the confirmation window should fill completely.


When the confirmation window is full, this means you have applied enough blood.



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Buying the right insulin syringe Posted on 10 Sep 10:56

What size insulin syringe should I buy?

Having to figure out which supplies you should buy can be frustrating.
Hopefully we can help you choose the right supplies you need to manage your insulin.

When it comes to insulin syringes they can come in several sizes. This guide will help
make these choices fast and easy.

Needle length - The needle sizes or barrel lengths can vary. The most common needle lengths are 12mm(1/2") and 8 mm also called "short" (5/16").
The 8mm (5/16") is the length that is preferable.

Needle Gauge- Gauge of the needle means the thickness or width. They range from 28 gauge to 31 gauge. A fine gauge would be the larger number (31 gauge) these 'fine' needles do well with smaller children. The larger needles would have a lower number gauge (28 gauge), older children and adults may preferred this gauge.

Barrel size - The barrel size will help you manage your insulin dosage. This example chart will help you determine what Barrel size you should choose.

Barrel Size Dosage
3/10 ml(CC) 30 units or less
1/2 ml(CC) 31 to 50 units
1 ml(CC) 51 to 100 units

If your dosage is higher than the maximum syringe capacity then choose the next barrel size up.

Technique - The preferred injection site is usually the abdomen although other sites can be used. A 10 count should be used while injecting straight in at a 90 degree angle. This will my a big difference with dosing and absorption. Very lean individuals and or people who use a barrel length may need to pinch the skin and inject in the fold to avoid injecting into the muscle.

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