Premier Urostomy Pouches

What you should know about Premier Urostomy Pouches

Premier urostomy pouches are high-quality, dependable pouching solutions created exclusively for people with urostomies. These pouches, made by a reputed medical supply firm, provide various features and benefits that improve comfort, security, and convenience for urostomy patients.

Some of its key features include;

  • Sleek design: These urostomy pouches have a unique streamlined design that allows seamless handling when attaching the bag to a bedside drainage collecting system. Premier urostomy pouches are also made with soft materials that enhance patients' comfort.
  • Urine distribution technology: Premier urostomy pouches are incorporated cutting-edge urine dispersal technology. They have many built-in chambers to ensure uniform urine dispersal. This leads to a more balanced urine collection and a reduced pouch profile.
  • Durable Skin Barrier: Their design includes a long-lasting skin barrier with excellent erosive resistance.

The Benefits of Premier Urostomy Pouches

These unique pouches provide numerous advantages to people who have had urostomies. They include;

  •  Comfortable and Secure Fit: Premier Urostomy Pouches are designed to prioritize user comfort. The pouches are made from soft, flexible materials that conform to the body's contours, minimizing discomfort and irritation. The skin-friendly adhesive ensures a secure fit without causing skin irritation or allergic reactions, allowing users to do their daily activities confidently. The pouches also feature a slim profile, ensuring discreetness under clothing.
  • Odor Control and Leakage Prevention: One of the primary concerns for urostomy pouch users is odor control and leakage prevention. Premier Urostomy Pouches address these concerns effectively. The pouches have an integrated charcoal filter that neutralizes odor, providing a fresh and odor-free experience. The advanced leak-proof technology and secure closure systems prevent accidental leaks, allowing users to engage in various physical activities without worry.
  • Easy-to-Use and Convenient: Premier Urostomy Pouches are designed with user convenience in mind. The pouches feature a simple, intuitive opening and closing mechanism, making them easy to empty and clean. Furthermore, the transparent front panel enables users to monitor their output, ensuring timely management and preventing potential complications. Premier Urostomy Pouches also come with many accessories, such as belts and adhesive removers, to enhance the user experience.
  • Skin-Friendly and Hygienic: Maintaining skin health is crucial for individuals with urostomies. These pouches use skin-friendly materials and gentle adhesives on the skin, minimizing the risk of erosion, redness, or discomfort. Also, the pockets are designed to maintain a dry and hygienic environment, reducing the chances of skin infections and promoting overall skin wellness.
  • Versatility and Customization: Premier Urostomy Pouches provide various solutions to meet each individual's needs and preferences. They come in many sizes, including one-piece and two-piece systems, allowing customers to find the best fit for them. Furthermore, these pouches are available for temporary and permanent ostomies, allowing for distinct stages of recovery and continuous urostomy treatment.


Premier Urostomy Pouches give individuals with a urostomy the confidence, comfort, and convenience they deserve. With their focus on user comfort, effective leakage prevention, odor control, and ease of use, these pouches are valuable in managing urostomies.