Ostomy Barrier Paste

What is an Ostomy Barrier Paste? 

Ostomy barrier paste is an ostomy care product that forms a seal between the skin and the ostomy-pouching system. It is often used with an ostomy wafer or barrier ring to provide additional protection and increase the adherence of the ostomy pouching system. Typically made with skin-friendly ingredients like pectin and hydrocolloids, ostomy barrier pastes can be applied directly to the skin around the stoma without worrying about irritation or an allergic reaction.

The ostomy barrier paste's principal function is to fill up gaps or uneven regions surrounding the stoma, preventing leakage and skin erosion. It is especially beneficial for individuals with irregular or uneven skin surfaces, such as scars, wrinkles, or hernias surrounding the stoma.

What are the Benefits of an Ostomy Barrier Paste

This excellent ostomy care product offers significant benefits to ostomates. They include;

  • Enhanced Skin Protection: Ostomy barrier paste helps protect the peristomal skin from potential irritation caused by stool, urine, or adhesive leaks. It creates a protective layer, reducing the risk of skin breakdown and promoting healthy skin around the stoma.
  • Improved Seal: The paste fills in gaps and crevices on the skin surface, creating a smooth, flat surface for the ostomy barrier to adhere to. This improves the overall seal and prevents leaks, ensuring greater confidence and comfort for ostomates.
  • Extended Wear Time: The barrier paste can provide ample wear time for the pouching system by providing additional support to the ostomy barrier. This can reduce the frequency of appliance changes and minimize disruption to daily activities.

How to Apply Ostomy Barrier Paste

Using this ostomy care product is straightforward. You can follow these steps;

  1. Clean and dry the skin around the ostomy thoroughly.
  2. Squeeze a little paste onto your finger or an applicator.
  3. Apply the paste around the stoma, filling in gaps or uneven areas.
  4. Gently mold and smooth the paste to create a seal.
  5. Let the ostomy barrier paste dry briefly before attaching the ostomy wafer or pouch.

It is essential to note that specific instructions for using ostomy barrier paste may vary depending on the brand and type of product. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations or seek advice from your ostomy care doctor or nurse.