Why Arthritis Patients Love TENS Machines

Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that affects millions of people around the world. Some of the symptoms include pain, stiffness, and swelling in various joints. Many people with arthritis found that TENS machines improve their physical fitness and quality of life. TENS machines like this one help strengthen bones, muscles, and joints while reducing pain and inflammation. They also have added benefits like faster recovery from injuries.

Why should you use tens machines to treat arthritis?
Using a TENS machine for only a few minutes a day can raise your heart rate and strengthen your muscles. This leads to improved physical well-being as you gain a sense of accomplishment from working on your problem areas. You can easily do this at home or anywhere because of the machine’s pocket size. The current causes tenderness on your skin, which triggers the blood flow in the area it’s applied. This increases sensitivity and stimulates your muscles while reducing inflammation in affected areas.

Top 5 reasons why we love TENS machines:

  1. Drug-free alternative to treat pain and inflammation
  2. Affordability- you can purchase one for less than $100
  3. Easy to use- just place it on your skin and turn it on
  4. Portable and discrete- you can use it at work, the grocery store or at home
  5. Can be used on different problem areas or by different people at no additional cost

What does the research say?
Some researchers believe using TENS machines may also speed up the healing
process. When electrodes are placed on affected joints, they send electrical impulses through the muscles beneath the skin pads. This allows muscles to relax and activate movement in affected joints. It also reduces inflammation in the joints by reducing pain and spasms in affected muscles and joints. Previous studies have shown using TENS machines alongside conventional treatment for arthritis significantly improves recovery time compared to traditional methods alone. This suggests they could be an efficient form of therapy when used appropriately.

A step-by-step guide to using TENS machines

  1. Make sure your tens machine is turned off
  2. Connect the wire to the TENS unit's top or bottom socket.
  3. Apply the patches to clean, dry skin
  4. Start the unit by turning it on
  5. Make sure the intensity is strong but comfortable

TENS machines are very effective for adding intensity to your other therapy because they target muscle groups you may not normally work with. Talking to your health care provider about the proper knowledge and acquiring the proper equipment is the first step. TENS machines are the easiest and most affordable way to start treating your arthritis.

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