Medical Uses of Fixation Tapes

What are the medical Uses of Fixation Tapes?

Finding fixation tapes in first-aid boxes in homes, workplaces and hospitals is typical. This essential tool has many uses, including wound care treatment. Some of its medical applications are; 

  • To fix wound dressings: Fixation tapes are used to hold non-adherent bandages in place. Ideally, these tapes are conformable to body contours, so they can secure wound dressings in any part of the body.
  • To secure medical tools: Fixation tapes are crucial to many medical procedures, including Intravenous cannulation, catheterization etc. They help secure cannulas, probes, surgical drains and other medical equipment.
  •  For labeling: Fixation tapes can sometimes be used innovatively to label drugs, infusions or samples.

How to Use Fixation Tapes to Wounds Properly

Fixation tapes are easy to use and apply to wounds. However, following the manufacturer's recommended use makes the process a breeze. You can follow these steps to use a fixation tape. They include

  • It is crucial to begin the process by first sanitizing the wound and removing any dirt or bacteria that may be present. This prevents wound contamination and ensures proper wound healing.
  • Apply dressings gently to the wound bed and margin
  • Using scissors, cut the tape to the length that is desired. You can also tear the tape with your hand 
  • Take off the release film that's protecting the tape to expose the adhesive part
  • Apply the tape carefully so that it doesn't stretch. If there is a need for wound inspection or adjustment of wound dressings, the tape can be removed and replaced.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Use Fixation Tapes

Here are some precautions you should take when using fixation tapes. They include;

  • Make sure you change fixation tapes for wound dressings as often as possible. Changing it once daily or alongside scheduled wound dressing changes would be best.
  • When used as first-aid for home injuries, ensure you see a doctor as soon as possible to assess the wound.


Fixation tapes are adaptable, easy-to-use wound care tools with many medical applications.