LoFric Origo Male Urethral Catheters

For individuals managing conditions like urinary retention or undergoing medical procedures necessitating catheterization, the experience can be discomforting, if not downright distressing. However, advancements in medical technology have continually sought to alleviate these concerns, prioritizing patient comfort and positive outcomes. Among these innovations is the LoFric Origo Male Urethral Catheter, a new and groundbreaking catheter solution. 

Let us explore how this catheter improves the catheterization experience.

What is Lofric Origo Male Urinary Catheter?

LoFric Origo catheter is an easy-to-use, single-use catheter that allows users to empty their bladder wholly and conveniently. The standout feature of this remarkable catheter is its urotonic surface technology. This innovative technology makes the catheter's surface of the same osmolarity as urine, reducing friction inside the urethra. In other words, because the salt content of the catheter's surface is similar to that in the urinary tract, LoFric hydrophilic catheters remain slippery and sleek. Furthermore, the catheter packets are incorporated with a saline solution compartment. When released, the saline solution activates the urootonic technology on the catheter's surface and lubricates the catheter. It eliminates the need for external lubrication. It also ensures a smooth and safe catheter insertion and withdrawal process.

Other outstanding features of Lofric Origo Catheters include;

  • Pocket size: This catheter can be folded and put into a pocket with no hassle. A discrete pouch that can be thrown away is also included in the packaging. All of these improve the user's confidence and protect their dignity.
  • Easy disposal aid: This catheter has a special adhesive tab that allows it to be affixed to any dry and clean surface for convenient access. It also provides swift disposal of used catheters.
  • Non-touch technology: Another brilliant feature of this catheter is its non-touch technology. Its adjustable insertion grip ensures a sanitary catheterization process. The grip is easily manipulated up and down the catheter tube, allowing you to insert the catheter without touching it. It minimizes the likelihood of bacterial contamination and, consequently, the risk of developing a urinary tract infection. 

How to Use Lofric Origo Urethral Catheter

It is important to follow proper use recommendations when inserting a catheter. Here is a step-by-step guide for Lofri Origo catheters.

  1. Clean your hands and get the catheter package ready
  2. Wrap your hands around the top portion of the catheter package and squeeze it to release the saline solution, which will instantly lubricate the catheter
  3. Open the catheter package from the top in a sterile manner
  4. Take out the catheter
  5. Use the mobile insertion grip to pass the catheter into the urethra.
  6. Remove the catheter once the bladder has been completely emptied.
  7. Discard the catheter and its package discreetly.


Lofric Origo urethral catheter is a safe, innovative, and user-friendly option for persons looking to improve their intermittent catheterization experience.