Discover New Image’s Two-Piece Urostomy Pouches

Managing urine disposal in a dignified and comfortable manner is one of the particular issues that persons who have had urostomy surgery encounter daily. Thanks to innovative solutions like New Image’s two-piece urostomy pouches, ostomates can manage their urine disposal without fear and navigate their daily lives with newfound confidence.

This article will introduce this fantastic urostomy product and elaborate on its benefits.

Understanding the Makeup of New Image's Two-piece Urostomy Pouching System

New Image's Two-Piece Urostomy Pouches consist of two main components: the skin barrier and the pouch itself. The skin barrier, also known as the wafer, adheres firmly to the skin around the stoma, forming a reliable seal that prevents leaks and promotes skin health. New Image's skin barriers are renowned for their gentle adhesion, minimizing the risk of irritation and discomfort. 

The pouch, the second component of the two-piece system, securely attaches to the skin barrier. New Image offers a range of pouch styles to suit different lifestyles, including closed-end, drainable options. These bags are designed with user convenience in mind, featuring easy-to-use closures and advanced odor-control technologies. The discreet and low-profile design ensures that users can confidently go about their routine activities without worrying about their urostomy pouch drawing unnecessary attention.

The Benefits of New Image’s Two-piece Urostomy Pouches

Some of the advantages this brilliant urostomy product provides include;

  • Comfortable to wear: New Image's Two-Piece Urostomy Pouches prioritize user comfort. They are made with soft, breathable materials, contributing to a comfortable, irritation-free experience, even during extended wear. The lightweight makeup adds to the ease of use, enhancing the user's mobility and freedom.
  • Customization options: Recognizing that everyone's body is unique, New Image offers a range of options for the skin barrier and pouch. Users can select from various sizes, shapes, and styles to create a combination that suits their preferences and lifestyles, fostering a sense of empowerment and control.
  • Discreet and Stylish: Living with a urostomy should not compromise style or discretion. New Image's pouches boast a sleek and discreet profile, allowing users to feel confident in any setting. The neutral color options and slim design make the bags virtually invisible under clothing, enabling users to embrace fashion without inhibition.


New Image's Two-Piece Urostomy Pouches represent a leap forward in urostomy care, providing individuals with a reliable, comfortable, and customizable solution.

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