Border Post-Op Wound Dressings

What are the Benefits of Border Post-Op Wound Dressings?

Here are some reasons border post-op wound dressings are ideal for managing surgical wounds. They Include;

  • They prevent surgical site infection: Post-op dressings reduce the likelihood of infection at the surgical site by protecting the skin and extending wear time. They also have a water-resistant film barrier that keeps bacteria and viruses.
  • They are self-adherent: Border post-op dressings are incorporated with unique silicon adhesives, which secure the dressing. The polyacrylate glue is gentle on the skin, ensuring you can change your dressing without harming the wound or surrounding skin and making it ideal for patients with sensitive skin.
  • They are comfy: Post-op dressings are easy to put on surgical wounds because they are extra flexible and easy to use. Also, they are made to fit softly to the skin and not stick to a wet wound. So they are easy to take off and won't hurt the skin. Furthermore, their flexibility makes them ideal for treating injuries around the joints like the hips and knees to help patients move around sooner.
  • They are absorbent: Post-op wound dressings are incorporated with a porous foam, allowing it to take in exudates from wounds. This makes them helpful in treating oozing surgical injuries.

How to Use Border Post-Op Wound dressings

Using a post-op wound dressing to treat your wounds is relatively easy. If you adhere to the manufacturer's directions, there should be no problems. Ensure the proper application of these dressings to your injuries by following these recommendations.

  1. Use a saline solution or a disinfectant to clean the wound and the surrounding skin.
  2. The wound should be patted dry to remove excess moisture. Because post-op dressing adheres best to clean and dry skin, the surrounding area should be clean, dry, and devoid of any ointment.
  3. Remove the dressing from the packet and discard the covering film.
  4. Apply the adhesive side to the wound, leaving at least a half-inch overlap between the wound pad and the surrounding skin. When applying the dressing, do not stretch it. 
  5. Replace the dressing when it begins to leak or becomes entirely soaked with exudate.


Border Post-op Wound dressings are the appropriate wound care products for managing post-op surgical cuts and injuries.

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