Bathroom Safety For Seniors

Using the bathroom should not be an activity anyone has to stress about, especially seniors. The risk of injury in the bathroom can be higher than other places around the house. With a smaller space, slippery surfaces and minimal support, anyone can hurt themselves and require medical assistance. Slip and falls can cause severe injuries, whether its a hip fracture, a broken bone or even a concussion. It is necessary for elder people to take precautions to ensure their safety while using the bathroom. Showers are especially dangerous, given the physical requirement to maintain balance and avoid slipping. While many seniors have assistance from personal support workers, family or friends, having the sense of independence to do simple everyday tasks, like showering and using the washroom, will help one feel more confident and comfortable. Thankfully, there are many safety tools and steps that can be taken to assist seniors and minimize the dangers.

Below are a few recommendations to consider that can aid in reducing the concern of hurting yourself while in the bathroom:


  1. Moen Bathroom Grab Bar: This is a wall-mounted bar, secured and firm which provides security for those who want to hold onto something anytime lifting your legs or standing is required. This assists with balance while showering or standing up from the toilet. Many hold onto a towel bar, but these are not durable or made to hold the weight of a person, whereas a grab bar is.

  2. Medline Toilet Safety Frames With Arms: This is a safety frame with two handles placed around the toilet. This is especially helpful for individuals who have a difficult time sitting or standing up due to knee/joint pain. The safety frame can be adjusted to the height and width, personalized for the individual.

  3. Delta Hand Held Shower Head: An adjustable shower head that you can and move around if needed. This makes it easier to shower while sitting or standing. Not only helpful for seniors, but also for anyone who requires more control while showering or cleaning the bathtub/shower stall.

  4. Heavy Duty Sliding Transfer Bench and Shower Chair: This chair is placed in the shower/tub and slides while the individual is sitting down. This provides easier access to get in and out of the shower/tub, especially for people with limited mobility. It also adds less physical strain on those assisting, as well as those using the chair. The chair minimizes the chances of slipping, providing more control and stability.

The items listed above are a quick and simple fix to support anyone needing assistance with personal tasks while using the washroom. There are additional tools one can purchase and use to reduce the chances of getting hurt. The items discussed are fairly cost effective and easy to install. These gadgets not only help seniors physically, but they also help them mentally by reducing the stress and worry of getting injured. Additionally, their family and friends will have more comfort knowing their loved ones have the extra safety measures in place.

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