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KND 605148IC

Kendall Covidien

BX/10 Kendall Dover™ 2-Way Silver-Coated Silicone Foley Catheter, 14Fr 16" L, 5cc Balloon Capacity

Phosphate Silver Ion Technology

Type: Two-Way Foley, Silver-Coated

Tip: Rounded with Two Opposing eyes

Lubrication: Hydrogel Coating

Material: Latex-Free 100% Silicone

Size: 14Fr

Length: 16"

Balloon Capacity: 5cc

Dover™ Silver Coated 100% Silicone Foley Catheter uses phosphate ion silver release technology, which is the latest, cutting-edge vehicle to efficiently deliver ionic silver from a hydrogel matrix. The optimal goal of a release technology is to deliver positively charged ionic silver from containment, without neutralizing it, as it is released. The programmable particle achieves this by dissolving at a predetermined rate, while releasing 100% of the ionic silver contained in the particle make up.  Manufacturer # 605148IC

  • Ionic silver hydrogel coating on inside and outside of the Foley catheter utilizes molecular particles for a controlled store and release of ionic silver for 30 days allowing for optimum silver release into the urethra. Hydrogel coating provides a lubricious surface.
  • Inert silicone catheter provides optimal delivery platform for ionic silver.
  • Inert material preferred for medical devices. Less urethral irritation and stricture versus latex material and less encrustation compared to latex catheters, 100% latex-free.
  • Smooth, separately molded, reinforced tip with deep stylet pocket.
  • Bullet shape tip eases insertion allowing for less tissue trauma.
  • Bespak® spring-loaded valve provides consistent inflation/deflation of Foley catheter balloon.
  • Shaft is soft, flexible and nonrigid allowing for easy insertion.

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